Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A baby!!!!

I made this little baby for a friend of mine this weekend. She is not 12th scale. She is about 3.5" long. Did enjoy doing it, not my normal kind of thing. She has full limbs and a soft weighted body.
My friend was thrilled with her. Jain xx

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Some of my goodies!

I have taken a picture of a few of the goodies I bought at SIMP. I am ashamed to say in my hurry, I have taken said goodies out of their packaging and have forgotton where I purchased some of them . Will try and remember when I check the catalogue!LOL
The beautiful french style seat is from Valerie-Anne Casson. She had some fabulous things on her stand and I came away with a fair few. The little Knitted cardigan is from one of the artists I can't remember. The tiny rabbit toys and the pull-along doll toy infront, are all the work of Emily Art, some beautiful things there, wish I had got more.
Veronique Lux made the pull- along sheep. The 2 knitted mice are by Gill Rothwell, who knits the most detailed and fabulous characters. These were not purchased at SIMP. The needlepoint cushion is by Petits Bonheur. The two little cushions with a horse on and a pug dog, were form Swan miniatures, I think!!
The nursery roombox is still very much work in progress.Hope you enjoy these, lots more to come yet!! Jain xx

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Another sneaky one!!!!

This picture was just another sneaky photo taken as we were taking tea( the french cannot make tea!!LOL)and cake in Laduree. Thats why it looks a little blurred!!
I am looking forward to showing some of my purchases from SIMP. They are all for my new French inspired nursery roombox. It is partly completed, but I was hoping to have it decorated before I showed my stuff. If I manage to get the back wall done, I will take some photos at the weekend.
Welcome to all my followers old and new. Jain xx

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Forgot to add.......

The first picture in the last post was taken rather sneakily in The Laduree on the Champs Elysee. A very famous cafe where Julie and I took tea and cake!!! LOL The cake was divine and we also purchased some of their delicious macaroons in fabulous boxes. The picture in this post shows said macaroons and on them a tiny box of miniature ones, I brought at the show. Jain xx

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Welcome to my new blog.

Hello. As you know I have been having a few problems with my other blog, giddykipperdolls. I have now taken the plunge to change it all over to this new blog. It will be the same as my last blog, ramblings about life and miniatures, also showcasing any new work I have done. I hope any of you who have landed here from my old blog ,will start to follow me here. It is all very basic at the moment, I'll customise as I go on.
For a little taster I have some photos of my trip to Paris. Julie and I had a wonderful and exhausting time and saw a massive amount of Paris. The SIMP show was fabulous and I have brought some beautiful things for my nursery, more of that a little later. Jain xx