Thursday, 24 June 2010

Another sneaky one!!!!

This picture was just another sneaky photo taken as we were taking tea( the french cannot make tea!!LOL)and cake in Laduree. Thats why it looks a little blurred!!
I am looking forward to showing some of my purchases from SIMP. They are all for my new French inspired nursery roombox. It is partly completed, but I was hoping to have it decorated before I showed my stuff. If I manage to get the back wall done, I will take some photos at the weekend.
Welcome to all my followers old and new. Jain xx


  1. Its a lovely plave Jain, your new blog looks great.

    Debie xxx

  2. You cracked me up with your tea comment :)
    Good luck with the new blog.
    Love your sculptures. Love the 1/12th box of macaroons!

  3. ah..... memories ........I've never tasted anything quite like that cup of tea LOL but the cake made up for it, the most delicious cake I ever ate !
    julie, drinking a proper cup of tea !

  4. Its very grand...even if the teas not.
    Blogs looking good and i love the snail babies by the way :O)

  5. You both look like you had a brilliant time away... im so envious, i would have loved to have gone.
    You also seemed to fit loads in!
    I went to france with a whole crowd of cub scouts and we too went to the most beautiful cake shop. I just couldn't pick because there were so many and all beautiful.
    Love all your pics too.
    Nikki xxx

  6. lol I can just imagine you taking a pic surreptitiously! lol No one can make tea like the British, one of the reason's why I love coming home after being abroad! :o)

    Sounds like you had a great time.

    Michelle xxx

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  8. Your new blog looks great!

    There have been countless pictures of French Macaroons in all my favorite blogs. Both full size and in miniature. Since I have never personally seen a real one (never mind never having eaten one). I am really getting curious! Macaroons in my experience have always been those chewy super sweet coconut cookies. Are the ones I keep seeing soft or crunchy? What flavors do they make them in.,

    BTW...I wonder why they don't allow pictures to be taken in Laudree? I loved seeing the inside of it. It's gorgeous.

  9. Thanks All,
    Yes, we did have a fabulous time. All the cakes were just gorgeous and it was so hard to choose just one.
    I'm not sure how the macaroons are made. They are sort of like a soft biscuit, very crumbly and come in loads of flavours. They have a jammy or creamy layer in the middle.
    Dont know why they dont like photos inside. I took mine without a flash, in a flash!!!!!LOL Jain xx