Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A baby!!!!

I made this little baby for a friend of mine this weekend. She is not 12th scale. She is about 3.5" long. Did enjoy doing it, not my normal kind of thing. She has full limbs and a soft weighted body.
My friend was thrilled with her. Jain xx


  1. She looks great Jain. You should make more of these a lot of people like them.

    Lorra luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxx

  2. Jain when I saw your picture on my blog roll. I thought this was a real baby..LOL
    Debie's right you ought to make some more, as there are quite a few collectors of Babies.
    I love how her little hands are clenched. xxxx

  3. She is adorable, I love her little feet :0)
    Julia xxx

  4. Pero que preciosidad!!!
    Se ve adorable!!
    besitos ascension

  5. Jain, she IS adorable and I love all the detailing, look at those hands and face! You should make loads of these as babies are so popular! Maybe you could make some in more period swaddling and a bonnet?

    Fabulous work as always,
    Michelle xxx

  6. No wonder your friend was thrilled Jain, she is such a beautiful little baby !
    julie xxx

  7. Jai she is so real!! I truy thought she was a baby. Amazing and beautiful. Rosanna

  8. Thanks all for your comments. You have encouraged me to have a go at some more, but a little smaller next time. Babies do seem to be very popular. Thanks again Jainxx

  9. Wow....I have to say that sculpted babies do nothing for me but this one is amazing. You really have all the details just perfect.