Thursday, 9 September 2010

2 new characters

These 2 goblins will be coming to my upcoming fairs with me. I am planning to add another couple to make a bigger group. I like displaying dolls in groups. They are both quite small, the one standing is only 5" to the top of his huge hat. Had fun doing these. The one drawing has odd eyes which makes him a little creepy. Love Jain xx

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Sorry, I am a little late with drawing the giveaway. Yesterday was my birthday and rather a strange day one way or another.
I have loved reading all your comments about what makes you smile, Thank you so much for participating.
Today I have spent a lovely day with my friend Julie (bellabelle dolls) and I have got Betty and Macey help me to make the draw.
Hope you enjoy the pictures. There was lots of snuffling around and then Macey came out of the box with a name stuck to her beard. Betty helped and these are the results.
CONGRATULATIONS EVA. Please can you email me your contact details and I can get your surprise on it's way to you. Love Jain xxx

Sorry photos in the wrong order, not sure how to change them.