Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Market research!!

I have been seeing a business advisor chappie over the last few weeks. He has been trying to send me along the right route when it comes to all things business. Finances and form filling do not come easy to me, nor infact does organisation, but Dave is very patient and has given me some very valuable pointers. This is all free advise through an enterprise group, which I don't think will be there for long, with all the cuts. Anyway, one of the things he said was to do some market research here on my blog. Wasn't sure how it would work, but would be very grateful for any feedback. I think the best thing to do is to post a few questions here and ask people to email me their answers, all totally confidential off course. It would really help me to know what direction to go in.
As a bit of an incentive all participants will be entered in a draw to win a Giddy Character, my little pig and cart pictured above!

Right, here are my questions. Yoy don't have to answer them all, although that would be good.
My email address is giddykipper95@googlemail.com

What do you look for in a doll?

What is an average spend on a 12th scale doll?

How many approx do you buy per year?

Do you buy/collect bigger than 12th scale dolls?

What period/genre do you buy or would like to see more of?

Do you buy from fairs or the internet?

Which fairs?

How are you happiest buying over the internet, private website, selling site, blog/facebook?

What criteria do you use to judge the quality of a doll ie: previous purchase, known name, seen at fairs ?

Thanks everybody in advance.

Welcome to my new followers. Jain xx


  1. All done and hope it helps!!! ;o))

    Michelle xxx

  2. Oh, these are good questions. I've alway's wondered how to get answers about customers and their habits. Hope there will be a lot of answers.

  3. i agree...fabulous way to get info :D Linda x