Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Chicago and a new path.

Well I got there and back!!! Just!!! Had a horrible time travelling. My back was still not brill when I left, but funnily enough think the upright seat on the plane maybe helped a bit. The flight there was awful, Julie and I both struggled with it. Think it is the claustrophobic thing!!! The Marriott hotel wasn't much better with no opening windows!!!!
The Bishop fair was an experience. So many fabulous artisans showing there. People who I have only ever seen in print and will probably never see again. The quality of the work at the show was exceptional!! As Julies table (booth) was in the doll room I had plenty of oppurtunity to oggle the workmanship there. Artisans I have admired for years all together in one place, just wonderful!!
I noticed that the dolls I was drawn to were the fixed posed figures, they had so much life and realism in them. I want to do figures like them, that look as if they will just start moving/talking at any time. I have been toying with the idea of doing fixed posed figures for a while now. Dolls I make to stand ,do not look good seated and vice versa. I want them to continue to look good in their new homes.
My intention is to start making my figures with full sculpt legs in either sitting or standing position. For most I will continue to do semi posable arms, some will have full sculpt arms if they need to be on show. I hope people will still be happy with the dolls in this style. I think, in the main, people move figures around and maybe change the chair they sit on, so for that extra realism, the fixed pose style will be spot on.

Julie and I only had 2 days left after the show to explore downtown Chicago. Our hotel was fabulous and all the people we met there were so friendly ,open and helpful, just lovely people. The food was fabulous too. We were very tired by this stage but managed to see some of the city. My favourite part was our visit to The Art institute with the fabulous Miniature Thorne Rooms and to see some of urban areas, the true Chicago!! We had the most fantastic gormet pizza in a tiny back street cafe, Yum!!!! The centre part of Chicago was crammed full of the highest skyscrapers, made you dizzy to look up. All a bit much for a country girl like me. Need fresh air and green stuff!!!LOL All in all it was an experience I will never forget and I'm so glad I did it, but for me it will take a very,very good reason for me to get on a plane again for such a long flight.

Here is a photo of Cici, she is the first of my new style figures. She was inspired by the film Burlesque, I watched on the plane, although not sure Christina Agrilara would be very flattered!!!!!!! Jain xx


  1. Oh Jain she is fantastic and so full of life xxxxx

  2. She's fab and I love her clothes!

    I think the new direction is good, it keeps your work fresh. I always go for faces, expressions and clothes and I've never posed a doll, so it won't make much difference to me.

    Long haul flights aren't too much fun, I normally settle myself in with the films I want to see and erm feed myself out of boredom with the odd cup of tea! lol I'm always relieved when we've landed! ;o))

    The fair sounds like an experience and I am so sure you are thrilled that you went if it is the only time. :o))

    Michelle xxx

  3. Home at last eh!! Long haul flights are a bit like labour Jane, the pain diminishes with time and before you know it you are doing it again!!

    I like the new direction you are thinking of. It would be nice to find a piece of furniture and then send it to you to be 'finished' so to speak.

    Love your lady and am looking forward to seeing all your new pieces at Kensington.

  4. Thank you ladies. I have been aprehensive about doing this as I know some collectors like to be able to pose the dolls. But I would just like to do more lifelike figures. I think you will notice a big difference in my new style dolls when you see them.
    Had to laugh at that Janice (labour pains) I would like to be able to visit my friend in Virginia at some point, so hope it is true. Jain xx

  5. Jain, FAB!!!!!!!!!! I adore your dolls!!!!!!

  6. Jain, She is so wonderful! LOL about Christine!!
    I think you have done such an incredible job with this doll! I look forward to others you make in the coming months!