Monday, 5 December 2011

Back from Kensington.

Well it was a hectic couple of days down in London, but had a wonderful show. Great to see friends and catch up and the atmosphere, vibe was fantastic! People were spending despite the economic climate!
I have a few figures left and as I have no more fairs until next spring, I am going to add them to my Etsy shop gradually over the next few weeks or so. Next year is a new start, with lots of ideas to be brought to life. I am still taking commissions, so if anyone is interested in a custom made doll, just let me know.
Can't believe it is now over a year since I started doing dolls full time. I think I have learnt a lot in this year and my style has changed quite considerably, I hope for the better!! Just enjoying having the time to try out new methods.
Many thanks to everyone following my blog and leaving such lovely comments, they keep me going. I may post again before christmas, but if I don't, Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to everybody.

Jain xx


  1. Jain, She's soo adorable! ;o)

    So pleased that KDF went so well!! I will have to review my list of wants with you...:o))

    Michelle xxx

  2. You deserved to have a great show Jain your stand was amazing. Love my new people and can't wait to see all your new pieces next year. I know you won't be offended if I say I daren't go near your Etsy shop!!

  3. Great to hear that you had a good show Jain.

  4. Will look forward to hearing from you Michelle.
    Thanks Janice and none taken!!!
    It was a good show Debbie. Jain xx

  5. She looks a little happier now that she has a new home........I have started creating an old-fashioned Christmas Emporium for her. Just need to find her some friends now : )